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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Proposal for new Tipperary County Council to be based in Nenagh

The proposed creation of Tipperary County Council envisages that Directorates such as Finance, Roads, Planning, Library Services and Information Technology be located in Nenagh while Directorates such as Water, Environment, Housing, Corporate and Human Resource be located in Clonmel.

Clonmel’s responsibilities in the Water and Environment however will be much diluted as a new company is to be established by the government to oversee the provision of water services nationally and refuse collection is now carried out by private companies. This all means that Clonmel will be in the more unfavourable position with the merger.

The County Manager will likely to be located in Nenagh if the major Directorates are run from there. These proposals are contained in a draft plan sent to the government last month by Local Government Minister Phil Hogan. Clonmel based councillor Siobhán Ambrose has stated that it will be an erosion of local government in the south of the county if the proposals are carried through.

I think that she may have a point as the directorates proposed for Nenagh are the most vital for the running of local government and this would mean that Clonmel the largest town, 90km away and in the far south of the county, would be under represented.

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  1. Better than Nenagh being unrepresented,eh?