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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Nenagh CBS students barred from sitting exams

In keeping with antics that happen all over the country during the end of the school term a prank was carried out at Saint Joesphs CSB School in Nenagh by a number of students at the end of May. Two weeks before the start of exams a group of six students ran across a playing field naked and with wigs during a charity soccer match being played between teachers and fourth year students.

The incident resulted in four Leaving Certificate students being requested to sit their exams in another school. The incident was a low point of a year that saw the school win their first ever All-Ireland hurling title beating Kilkenny CBS 3-10 to 2-11. In the semi they defeated St Kieran’s of Kilkenny who were going for three in a row.
Nenagh CBS v Kilkenny CBS 2012 Hurling Final


  1. all they had to do was sit exams in a different school? is that a harsh punishment? here, in America, they would have been suspended and punishably forced to not come in for a few days, going on their permanent records.

  2. They had no school days left to suspend them. I thought it was a harsh enough punishment.