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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Factories in Nenagh and job losses

Nenagh has two industrial estates Lisboney and Gortlandroe. Lisboney was home of the pharmaceutical plant Aventis Pharma, formally Rhone Poulenc, which came to the town in 1981 this plant closed in 2002 with the loss of 230 jobs. In 2009 the Irish biotechnology company HKPB Scientific announced that they would be locating at the site with the intention of creating 200 jobs over five years.

Gortlandroe Industrial Estate is the home of three manufacturing plants Wilton Medical, Robert Sheahan Manufacturing Limited and US Multinational Procter and Gamble Ireland. MJM Electronics and Tubex closed their doors in 2006. Procter and Gamble workforce was reduced to 170 employees in 2007 from a total workforce of 500. This company first arrived in Nenagh in 1982 and had two divisions, cosmetics and skincare, the loss of the skincare division to Poland was the principal reason for the job losses.

Careys Glass Factory is the other surviving manufacturing plant in the town. The company was founded in 1965 by three brothers and is now one of the leading employers in Nenagh. According to their website, their 85,000m2 facility is the largest single site processing plant for glass in Europe, they also claim to be the leading glass manufacturer in Ireland. They produce mirrors, insulated glass, tempered glass, and solar panels. However they were not immune to the economic downturn in Nenagh in the late 2000's and their workforce was reduced from 470 to 190 in 2007.
Procter & Gamble Factory

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