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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Cycle Tracks A Waste of Money?

Last August the Minister of State for Transport our local TD Alan Kelly announced a €4 million program to create cycleway nationwide. Two such schemes have been envised for Nenagh, a €888,000 54km track from Nenagh to Limerick along the R445 (old N7) and a €150,000 2km track along the N52 bypass.

Local councillors such as Jim Casey (FF) have question the value for money of these projects when other roads around the county are in desperate need of resurfacing. Cyclist.ie, the national lobby group for cyclist have also been critical, suggesting the debris from the road would end up on these cycle lanes and represent a big hazard to cyclist unless there was a daily regime to sweep them.

Personally I think this government and Labour included have begun to do things I only thought Fianna Fail would be capable of.

Team DMG training in the Nenagh Classic on the N7

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