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Monday, 11 June 2012

Nenagh pubs

There are approximately twenty five pubs in Nenagh and one niteclub, with the name’ Club Maximus’ formerly ‘Easy Street’. During the Celtic Tiger years the number of pubs was much higher but with the downturn in the economy and the change in drinking culture to people’s homes, many with a small turnover could not survive.

Even once popular pubs such as Dowlinz’s, The Widow’s Bar and Nolan’s have had to close their doors, trade in other once popular pubs such as The Kenyon and Rocky’s has dropped  a considerable amount. The Kenyon Bar is largest pub in the town with a disco bar called K2 at the rear of the pub.

The pub has an old world charm and has been nicely renovated with the upstairs converted into a balcony, the disco bar hosts live music on weekends for a mostly older audience. The Talbot Bar across the road, considerably smaller than the Kenyon, has a much younger crowd and host gigs of mainly of local bands.

Una Powell’s has become one of the most popular pubs in the town, although the bar is extremely small and can only accommodate a handful of people there is a large smoking area and big screen to the bar. The other popular bars in the town are The Well, The Hibernian Inn, The Dapp Inn, The Abbots and The Half Barrel. The only premises to open after 12am are the late bars Rocky’s and The Kenyon and Club Maximus.


  1. would you get to feed the pony in club maximus

  2. There is only donkeys in maximus!